10 Reasons to Party at Home

Do you deliberately avoid being in charge of large groups of children? You’re in the majority. Like wild animals, children can be unpredictable. Unruly. The thought of a dozen hyenas in your home?? Terrifying! Many parents avoid in-home birthday parties for this reason alone. 

While we can appreciate this point-of-view [flashback to Alexis, crouched against the wall, hands over her head, being attacked by 10 pirates with foam swords], we believe in-home birthday parties are boundlessly fun and rewarding.

Blowing out Candles over the Decades

Say your child desperately wants her next birthday party to be at home. It’s all she can talk about, despite your best efforts to derail each conversation. Can you blame her? Of course not! You know your house rocks. The sheer request is a huge testament to YOU. You’ve worked hard to create a nurturing, fun and inviting space for your family to dwell. She’s proud of her home because of YOUR example.

On the flip side, the idea to have a party at home may not even enter your child’s brain. Many of today’s children have become conditioned to expect birthday parties elsewhere. Bounce houses, arcades and other “party factory” venues are so commonplace, many children don’t even think to request a party at home.

Keep that front door open for your children and their friends. Here are 10 reasons to party at home:

1. Plenty of children (and parents) are “bounce-housed out.”
This goes for the arcades and sports centers, too. These are frequented venues for children (and parents!!). Been there, done that. No one may be complaining, but variety is the spice of life. It’s time for something different.

2. Free to be you and me.
At home and “in their element,” children can feel free to be themselves. This helps everyone to feel comfortable, focused and invested in the celebration. As a result, memories of the occasion may be more vivid and meaningful.

Pink Party Pals

3.  Nurture your child’s relationships.
In-home parties under 12 children foster positive interaction among peers. The birthday child is most comfortable at home and friends will respond positively in return. In a relaxed setting, children are more likely to engage one another in meaningful ways.

4. Engage your child in a party partnership.
Reap the reward in working alongside your child to plan his in-home party. Request his input, even if it’s a simple “yes or no” answer to a couple of questions. Ask for help decorating, or create a “decor plan” together. Your child can plan the menu, choose the theme, even research the games or activities. Follow her lead to gauge her level of interest and follow-up with gobs of praise for her excellent contributions.

Backyard Party

5. Teach manners.                                                                                                                                                           An in-home birthday party is an ideal opportunity to teach your child how to be a good host. Children love to excitedly await the arrival of party guests. Watch his face as he welcomes friends inside. Pure joy. Saying thank you and goodbye is always a pleasure for children, as well. “Don’t forget your favor bag!”

6. Open your home, open your heart.
Your home is an extension of you and your child. Welcoming people inside is an invitation to be a part of your family’s life — to eat, drink and be merry within the walls of your home, together. When you open the door it’s not just to have a party, it’s a way of expressing friendship and love.

Unique to You Memories

7. Celebrate your child’s interests.
Offering your child a party at home provides you with the invaluable opportunity to discuss what makes him happy. One-on-one conversation about party activities, food, friends, decoration and other party details is an enlightening way to learn more about your child. Themed parties, in particular, are a fun and easy way to celebrate his interests.

8. Model a healthy example of pride.
In opening your home to others you send a message that you are proud of your home and family. Gracious hosting instills deep respect, care and love for the home.
Passing out Cupcakes

9. Embrace the creative possibilities.Your home, your rules. No one policing your every move; it’s time to let go and enjoy the ride! With an in-home party, the sky’s the limit. As a team, you and your child can explore unique ideas and make her birthday party a day to remember.

Umbrella Inside

10. Get more bang for your buck.
Money spent on an in-home birthday party for your child is always worth it. We’re talking about pennies invested in nurturing a bond with your child. Nickels towards an experience wholly unique and dimes spent boosting a strong family dynamic. Quarters supplied for smiles and memories worth more than money can ever buy.

What are your thoughts? Please share one of YOUR reasons to party at home!

A note for parents wary of hyenas:
You don’t have to go it alone. With our facilitation services, you can feel completely relaxed opening your doors for an in-home celebration. We facilitate party crafts, games and activities with your guests. Our fun, hands-on and attentive approach makes for very happy children. We play, laugh and engage, making every child feel special – especially the birthday child. Our rate is $40/hour, per person. One hour facilitation for Julia & Alexis = $80, two hours = $160.

All Wrapped Up Parties, LLC is a local, mom-owned and operated small business in Cary, NC.


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