5 Perfect Valentines

As girls living out our elementary school years, collecting Valentines in a decorated shoe box was the living end. I mean come on, we’re party planners. You can imagine what we were like as girls: detail oriented, obsessed with crafting supplies (and all things sparkly) and ALWAYS working on a new project. Valentine’s Day, in all its glittered glory, had us starry-eyed and positively dizzy! And still does.

With the help of our children, we love selecting that perfect, handmade Valentine to make their friends smile. We love ideas that are simple and inexpensive while creative and best of all, unique. We loved working with our children on these sweet ideas. Share one with someone you love!

Lollypop LipsWhat child doesn’t love a lollipop? Trace some fun lips of all shapes and sizes and pucker up!

Chocolate Kiss RingsPipe cleaners, Hershey’s Kisses and this simple tutorial by an adorable little girl. Done!

Handprint-Valentine-CraftThis timeless Valentine is perfect for the grandparents. Help your child trace and decorate her hands, then write her name. Use stickers, stamps, glitter or whatever craft supplies you have around the house to decorate.

Juice Box Robot CraftThese are so fun, and a clever option for a wholesome Valentine’s treat. Children have a blast deciding where to glue all the parts, and of course, giving their robot a name! This is a great activity to bring into the classroom as a volunteer, too.

Get Creative Valentine DudesWhat’s better than a handmade Valentine? A handmade Valentine that doesn’t cost you a penny! Get crafty, using whatever you have in the house to create perfectly charming and unique Valentines. Happy Hearts Day!

All Wrapped Up Parties, LLC is a local, mom-owned and operated small business in Cary, NC.

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