I can’t say enough about the amazing experience I had with All Wrapped Up Parties. Alexis and Julia really understood my vision for my daughter’s party. They genuinely appreciated my daughter and me, as people and not just customers. I think the greatest testament to this amazing team is that I’ve already asked them to plan not just my daughter’s next birthday, but mine as well.
— Kim, Raleigh —
I was hesitant to hire party planners to help with my 5 year old daughter’s party, but I’m so thankful I hired Julia and Alexis. I’m not great with kids, so it was a huge relief not to think through games and what else to do with the kids OR have to head up those activities. Julia and Alexis were amazing with the kids, laughing and helping everyone to join in the fun. They went above and beyond to make my daughter and her friends feel extra-special. Everyone could feel their sincerity. When you hire Julia and Alexis, it’s like hiring a trusted, old friend.
— Erin, Chapel Hill —
I appreciated Alexis and Julia’s insistence that our seven-year old be part of the party planning, and was wowed at the richness of games, kidfood, and flexible alternatives that the ladies brought to the table. For this stay-at-home dad, All Wrapped Up was a godsend. You could say they bring a lot to the party, LOL.
— Paul, Durham —

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