Let It Go! [party control, that is]

By Julia I’m a fool for the Let It Go song from Frozen. Absolutely love it, can’t get enough, play it in the car when I’m by myself – on repeat. My kiddos, 5 and 7, didn’t get into the movie or the songs. (Clearly, I have gone wrong somewhere in my parenting for this to be […]

AWUP Testimonials

We entered All Wrapped Up Parties into Intuit’s Small Business, Big Game Contest with serious intention. Our entry wasn’t “just for kicks.” We entered to win. Our sky-high standards keep us working hard toward our goal to honor as many children as we possibly can. You can help us in our efforts to spread more […]

This is Us—Unique

blue ballon in sky

Your child’s next birthday is approaching. How will you celebrate? As you mull it over, consider this question: What is the difference between hiring a party planner over a party factory (bounce house, indoor play/game space, etc.)? We see it simply. Every child is on a pathway of discovery toward the person they will become. […]

This is Us—On A Sweet Note

Bike Fairy

We love Cary and its surrounding communities. We live here. Our children ride bikes on these roads and play in these parks. They are experiencing their one and only childhood right here in the Triangle. For our children and yours, All Wrapped Up is invested in seeing this community thrive. Supporting other local businesses is […]

Our Story

Every story has a beginning.  Here’s ours: Two of our children have birthdays in February. Our kids were bubbling over with excitement in the early weeks of planning and creating their parties.  (We were equally enthusiastic!)  This year, Julia threw a stellar Star Wars party for Maxwell, who turned 4.  A few weeks later, Alexis […]