Let It Go! [party control, that is]

By Julia I’m a fool for the Let It Go song from Frozen. Absolutely love it, can’t get enough, play it in the car when I’m by myself – on repeat. My kiddos, 5 and 7, didn’t get into the movie or the songs. (Clearly, I have gone wrong somewhere in my parenting for this to be […]

Book Rave: Great Thumbprint Drawing Book

Children's Book Rave

I may get a little emotional in this book rave. Fingerprints do that to me. My son’s preschool teacher, Miss Pat, sent home the most adorable fingerprint art – a change from the oft used handprint. These tiny black fingerprints are among my most treasured preschool keepsakes. I look carefully at the delicate lines, curves […]

Book Rave: How to Behave and Why

An Introduction: We love children’s books. So much, in fact, that we have decided to celebrate our favorites for you in writing. Not so much a review, but a RAVE. The books we rave about are books to own, books to adore, books for your grandchildren to inherit. When you don’t seem to know what to […]