Parenthood: Look Inward & Enjoy the Ride

Halt Right There Roller Coast Ride Parenthood is a roller coaster ride

Welcome to Parenthood, the roller coaster entertaining billions that takes us up, up, up and DOWN faster than we can imagine. Every day on this ride we experience a whirlwind of emotions: We’re blissfully happy, then thrown for a loop. Laughing hysterically then painfully drained. Turned upside down and scared out of our minds. Sometimes […]

Praise and Thanks for Illuminate

What comes to mind when you think of a gift? Maybe your head goes to something material (one word: jewelry!) or perhaps the gift of TIME (an hour alone with a book, anyone?). But let’s not forget the gifts that live inside us, lighting our way through life. Gifts like knowledge, passion, friendship, and celebration. We’d like to share […]

Top 10 Ways To Honor Your Birthday Child

Top 10 Ways to Honor Your Birthday Child For our first Top 10 list, we racked our party brains and inspiration folders to come up with our most creative, fun and memorable ways to make a bona fide STINK over your child’s birthday. (Don’t worry, we limited this list to ten.) What criteria helped us […]