A Final Note from Alexis & Julia

After careful consideration, we have decided to close All Wrapped Up Parties to pursue individual passions. It has been an amazing journey, and we are thankful for all we have learned. To our clients and partners, family and friends: from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU for your encouragement and support. We are stronger for this experience, which would have been impossible without you!

Dr. Seuss sums it up perfectly for us: Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

– Alexis & Julia


Alexis-GoodbyeA Note from Alexis:

It is with tears in my eyes that I say good bye to a passion that consumed my life for the past 18+ months. Sadly, it was the wrong time for the intensity we had planned. As you may have noticed, Julia and I are not women who do things any less than the best. There simply isn’t enough time in each day for AWUP to become what we dreamed and devote ourselves to other professional pursuits. I am proud to say we remain best (actually, even better) friends for having this experience together. Life is a huge adventure. I regret nothing, especially meeting you.

What’s next for me? I will be doing freelance branding and invitation design under Alexis Jane Design. My branding work will be focused on small businesses and non-profits.


Julia-GoodbyeA Note from Julia:

It’s hard to leave something I take so much pride in. All Wrapped Up Parties has been a source of great personal satisfaction for me, but my desire to return to teaching takes precedence. Working with so many children through AWUP helped me to recognize where I’m most needed. I’m more cognizant of my natural gifts as a teacher than ever, and I’m eager to devote my time and talents towards my greatest passion: helping children reach their full potential while inspiring a lifelong love of learning.

I’ll always feel grateful for my education in small business beside my dear friend, Alexis, and for so many happy encounters along the way. Cheers, to new experiences & pursuing what you love – the stuff of life!

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