A Magical Celebration

Magic will always hold refuge in the child. Kind-hearted, inquisitive and filled with wonder, this special birthday girl and her “magical celebration” will always stand out in our minds and hearts. In every party, the satisfaction and happiness of our clients (the parents and birthday child) are top priorities. This mother’s testimonial was so wonderful, we decided that our words recapping the celebration would simply pale in comparison. And so, do enjoy this All Wrapped Up Testimonial Party Recap:

“My daughter had two requests for her 6th birthday: she wanted a party at home, and she wanted the party to have a Harry Potter theme. When she shared these ideas with me, at first I thought, “How wonderful.” That thought was quickly replaced by the more worried sentiment, “Oh no! How will I ever make that happen?”

Owl Balloons and Party Stylizing

Custom Design and Cake

I love the idea of a party at home that focuses on the things in life that are magical for my child. Yet the reality of two working parents and very full lives means that planning a personal at-home party can seem like a daunting and overwhelming task.

Snitches and House Flags

Magic Wand and Necklace Craft Table

As I fretted about how to plan this party (and debated attempting to persuade my daughter to have the party at one of the all-inclusive party venues popular with her friends), I remembered that I had a business card from All Wrapped Up Parties. On a whim, I sent a note to Julia (then a stranger), explaining our goals for the party. From the start, Julia and Alexis were warm, personal, and poised to listen to what would make this a special party for our family. The reality they created far exceeded our expectations.

Party Stylizing and Custom Capes

Custom Cake and Cupcakes

Favors and Broom Game

Our party day was filled with magic on many levels. The decorations set the tone for an enchanted and festive morning. For the children, there were handmade personal touches to welcome them into the celebration. The delightful crafts and games ran smoothly and kept the children active and engaged. For the “feast” (lunch), Julia and Alexis exquisitely decorated a long table that became the highlight of the party for my daughter. For the adults, taking the pressure off of us to plan and facilitate the party allowed us to enjoy our guests (both children and their parents) and really focus on our child as she enjoyed her very magical special day.”

– Katie, Durham

Thank you, Katie, for your kind words and for sharing your beautiful family with us! It’s people like you and your daughter that mold our work and passion into meaningful reward and fulfillment.

In celebration, always,

Julia & Alexis

All Wrapped Up Parties, LLC is a local, mom-owned and operated small business in Cary, NC.

The beautiful baked goods featured above are from Sugar Buzz Bakery and Cafe, located in Cary, NC. All Wrapped Up Parties is pleased to partner with Sugar Buzz to offer our clients cakes, cupcakes and catering packages for their parties.

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