An Elf-ish Holiday Note

Hi Fans,


I am All Wrapped Up Parties‘ special elf this year. I arrived straight from the North Pole (via Macaroni Kid) at the AWUP offices to help amp up their holiday spirits. Little did I know, these gals have spirit a plenty, so we decided to take this mission past these walls – straight to the internet. In addition to hiding around on their website throughout the holiday season, you’ll also find me giving great holiday advice to our Facebook and Twitter groupies.
Such a funny place this internet is, so much typing and photographing, but very little doing. I worried a bit that my hands would get bored and my skills would be wasted. However, Julia and Alexis have a long list of crafts to keep my elf talents in top order. I better get going on that bunting – it’s not going to make itself!
Happy Holidays,
Your Elf Friend (Find my name here and play along here)

Help spread holiday cheer at your house this year – with AWUP’s Cookie and Craft Party Box!

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