Let’s Put the ART in pARTy!

At All Wrapped Up Parties, we wholeheartedly believe that children thrive when their interests are acknowledged and encouraged. Birthdays are the perfect occasion to do just this and celebrate what makes your child special and unique. Eight year-old Bennett is a budding artist. Her parents make a point to nurture her interest and talent, so it only made sense that Bennett celebrate her birthday doing what makes her especially happy: making art!


Bennett’s mother, Brooke, came to us with a fabulous idea. She loved the “Wine and Design” party idea, but wasn’t sure how to implement it for a group of 13 six, seven and eight year-olds. We were thrilled to set Brooke’s mind at ease, giving great thought to the logistics of her special project. We worked together to celebrate Bennett’s way, and “put the ART in pARTy!”

Welcome Sign and Tablescape

One of our favorite memories of this celebration was our client consultation. And by client, we mean the birthday child! It was a real treat to sit down with Bennett and hear her ideas, see some of her beautiful art work, and discuss together how we could help make her birthday party extra-special.

Four Unique Penguin Paintings

Most children have a strong reaction to a particular thing. Some may call it an obsession; we call it an affinity. Be it animal, toy, book or TV character, even person – this thing speaks to the child somehow, becoming a part of his or her identity. What’s your child’s fondness? For Bennett, it’s penguins. So it was an easy choice to decide what her group of friends would individually paint during the party.

8 year old paint party

Alexis got to work on four penguin friends to use as examples for Bennett and her friends. You’ll notice that unlike the “Wine and Design” model, each painting is different. Our AWUP “Design All Mine” model drives home the point that their art is unique and shouldn’t look the same as that of their friends. After all, it’s our individual differences that make this world such a special place!


Bennett and her friends didn’t require much direction; this wasn’t the first time they had worked with a blank canvas and acrylic paints! Step by step, we guided the girls through the phases of their project. They impressed us with their creativity and ingenuity. It began when the girls thought to secure their water jars in their shoes – brilliant! Then the girls thoughtfully mixed beautiful colors for their palettes. They gave names to all of their unique penguin friends, and we found ourselves blown away by the attention to detail and care that each girl gave to her work of art.


Guests gathered to sing Happy Birthday to Bennett and enjoy s’mores around a fire pit.

We feel honored to have been a part of Bennett’s special 8th Birthday and look forward to watching her continued artful journey through life!

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