What Makes AWUP Special?

We entered All Wrapped Up Parties into Intuit’s Small Business, Big Game Contest with serious intention. Our entry wasn’t “just for kicks.” We entered to win. Our sky-high standards keep us working hard toward our goal to honor as many children as we possibly can. You can help us in our efforts to spread more joy. Check out our contest profile, watch our commercial, VOTE and SHARE! We’re nothing without the support of others. THANK YOU!

In creating our profile for the contest, we had to answer some great questions. An opportunity to share more about our passion behind All Wrapped Up Parties? Yes, please!

Question #1: What makes your business special?

We’re two bubbly gals in red pants and navy aprons who laugh a lot. Kinda bonkers. No, we’re not sisters, or twins (though we get that a lot). We’re friends and business partners. We combined our backgrounds in design and education to pursue our joint creative passion: the art of celebration. Yes, we plan and execute inspiring and memorable children’s parties, but the business itself is one big party — a celebration of LIFE. We infuse our zest for the very air we breathe into every aspect of our business. Here we are, in this world together for a finite period of time. It’s party time.

Julia & Alexis

Proud to be Goofs

Vote often and check back in with us October 29th (via Facebook or Twitter!) to see if AWUP is part of the Top 20! If you voted, let us know in the comments field below so we can show our appreciation!

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