Dear Nate,

I have had the most difficult time starting this letter, Nate. It is not because I don’t know what to say, but rather that I have so much to say I don’t know where to begin. Your contagious laughter? Your gorgeous blonde curls? Your HUGE personality? Your budding sense of humor? As you can tell, the possibilities are endless. Maybe it’s because I’m your mom … but you are truly one-of-a-kind awesome.


You came into this world to a party thrown by your big sister. Only 2 1/2 years old, she insisted on cupcakes with insanely bright frosting, party plates and napkins (angry birds theme) and, most important in her young eyes, PARTY HATS! Elizabeth joined us the night you were born with the above ingredients. Your Daddy, your Mere (my mom) and I were all invited to a mini celebration to mark your entrance into our lives and the world. Little did we know at the time, you were going to be the LIFE of the party.

You started laughing at just a few weeks old. Big ol’ belly laughs from deep deep down in your tummy would come out, in pleasure of being tickled most of your waking hours. Dad and I could not get enough of it! And to top off all this giggly cuteness, you like to cuddle, too. How did we get so lucky?


Ok. Ok. Nate, I’ll be real for a moment. While we were totally in love and lucky to have such a wonderful and funny boy, your sleep sucked. In fact, it is still not super duper fantastic. I am not bragging to anyone about what a wonderful night’s sleep I am getting now that you are one. I do understand that you need to see mommy or daddy at 3am because you just love us so so much. I promise we will still love you at 6am though, so please go to sleep!

Regardless of our nightly encounters, it is a joy to feed you breakfast. You kick your feet in a giddy little dance the entire time you are eating. Your favorite is banana. You’d eat the entire bunch if I let you. Other foods you love: blueberries, cooked carrots, black beans, cheese. You’ll eat most anything (and a lot of it) but those are your most frequent and favorite.


I suppose you need all that fuel to sustain the amount of speed crawling, stair climbing and general debauchery of your daily life. Daddy and I try to discipline you for the things you know are naughty – like screaming “DAAAH GOO!” and throwing your food to Jackson (our chocolate lab). But, duuuude!, you are on to us. As the “No, Sir!” comes out of our mouth and daddy or I haul you off to another room for a few moments, Nate, YOU. LAUGH. How do you know that while we must discipline the behavior, we do indeed find humor in your ways? I am fairly certain we are not letting on to this fact. Are we?


Well, buddy, as you can see, you’ve been keeping us on our toes most hours of the day/night since you came into our lives. But we wouldn’t have it any other way. You complete our family. And so, we ended your first year much as it began, with a small party full of sunflowers (a nod to your sunny self) and sunshine. All our closest friends and family came, many of whom met you the day after you were born! Your dad and I are lucky to share our love for you with such wonderful community. And we happen to think they are just as blessed to include your smiley self in theirs.


Love, Mommy

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