“Woooo Wooooooo!”

There are some children that seriously tug at your heart strings. These children leave you overcome with the best of your emotions. Jake is one of these children, and after his train party, our strings nearly snapped.


Pullen Park is a charming party venue. As we finished set-up of the rented shelter, Jake and his family strolled down the path and Jake melted our hearts with the first of many perfected (and unprompted) train whistles. “Woooo Wooooooo!” His parents informed us this whistle is his signature, as he announces his presence with the noise everywhere he goes.  Jake’s #4 Express pulled into Grand Party Central Station right on cue.


Guests started the festivities full steam ahead, hopping aboard the Pullen Park Train (aka Jake’s #4 Express!) for a beautiful, summer morning train ride.  The kids exchanged waves with fellow park-goers and the whistle blew – chugging along happily. Childhood doesn’t get much better than this.


Guests enjoyed moseying through the park to arrive at the shelter – a bright display of bold red and blues, inviting them to come play. Jake’s Welcome sign and custom Keepsake Bunting made a lasting impression.


After “Happy Birthday, Dear Jake,” juice boxes and cupcakes, the kids grabbed a conductor’s hat and gravitated to the train table: a shelter table transformed into a creative play space for the kids to explore. They impressed us with their ideas and originality! And the kids would want us to share that we stacked a train tower 18 blocks high!


If you’re after a simple activity that yields 30+ minutes of uninterrupted fun for your children, invest in a spray bottle! To beat the heat, the children loved running around the open field misting each other.

After some engaging parachute games and piñata excitement, Jake spent the last few minutes of his party opening presents.


The kids even helped clean up with some supervised balloon popping. An activity in itself!


Nearing the end of the line, Master Conductor Jake approached us. “Thank you for my party,” he sweetly expressed. Thank YOU, Jake, for sharing your tenderness, innocence and your Special Day with us.


The photography used to tell this story is by Brooke Meyer of Brooke Meyer Photography.

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