This is Us—Unique

Your child’s next birthday is approaching. How will you celebrate? As you mull it over, consider this question: What is the difference between hiring a party planner over a party factory (bounce house, indoor play/game space, etc.)?

We see it simply. Every child is on a pathway of discovery toward the person they will become. Birthdays are a chance to celebrate the immeasurable depth of a child’s individuality.

We invite you to compare the value of an All Wrapped Up Party to a factory party and hope you will glean that the difference, like your child, is unparalleled.

Julia & Alexis



Themes / Décor  

Party décor included

Decor designed by us, and personalized for your child, to
coordinate your party theme

Décor NOT included

No theme, unless you create one.

Your Time

ALL party necessities provided

Favors included

Set-up/clean-up services offered

You don’t lift a finger

You provide party supplies

Favors, typically, purchased separately

No set up or clean-up services


Unique approach to fun themes

Original decor paired with
creative activities

Lasting impression guaranteed

Experience is not unique

Similar venues are used for many
parties your child has and will attend

A Little Something More

A la carte options are vast

Your party can be all you want
it to be, and we’ll take care of it

One stop shop

Few options for additional items

You will, at minimum, shop for party supplies


Products are carefully selected
or hand-crafted using quality materials

Our favors provide lasting fun

If offered, favors are cheap, dispensable trinkets.


Average $300-$550+ for 12 kids

No additional shopping required

Average $200-$400+ for 12 kids

Must purchase decor, paper goods, and favors separately

For us, the most important consideration is the child’s individuality. So much can be lost in the day to day shuffle. The time leading up to, during, and after a birthday offers an opportunity to slow down and listen. Listen to our children tell us who they are and what makes them special—then celebrate exactly that.

All Wrapped Up is here to deliver one-of-a-kind experiences: Birthday parties as unique as your one and only, glorious child.

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