Good Times Never Seemed So Good

“What’s your favorite color, Caroline?”

It isn’t every day a child’s favorite color is “rainbow.” Caroline just turned three, and our Rainbow Bubble theme was the perfect way to nurture and celebrate her originality among family and friends.

Balloons and Wraps

Tissue Banner and Welcome Sign

Guests arrived under umbrellas but quickly understood there was no use for them—they decorated the yard instead. The kids let go, frolicking in the summer heat and rain without a care in the world.  Our Water Bubble play was even better in the rain, making its surface wet and slippery for added absurdity. After about 45 minutes, the kids discovered they could make holes in the bubble with the tips of their umbrellas, creating geysers of sopping fun!

Water Bubble Fun

A simple rainbow craft, using coffee filters, markers and spray bottles, kept little hands busy. The kids loved deciding what colors were in their unique rainbow, then watching the colors blend when misted with water. After hanging their wet rainbows to dry, they were let loose with the spray bottles, spraying until their bottles went dry. The kids took real ownership of both the craft and spray bottle fun, returning to the craft station throughout the party to make more rainbows and asking to refill their bottles to drench themselves further!

Rainbow Craft

The talented Mr. Erik performed next, engaging guests with his energetic, super-fun music and an animated story. No one will forget Mr. Erik’s charming rendition of “Sweet Caroline,” dedicated to the Birthday Girl. During the classic chorus, at just the right moment, confetti was thrown high and the kids jumped and danced as it fell.  Caroline and her mommy snuggled together during the show, painting a perfect picture of memories made.


After the show the party continued as we whisked in carrying a baby pool filled with colored balls. The kids searched for colored blocks, enough to make 3 rainbows, then made up their own games, beginning with tipping the entire pool over! Once the kids put all the balls in the pool (as fast as they could!), we went outside for some parachute fun, running underneath its bright colors and working together to pop the balls up to the tree tops. Once again, the rain was an added bonus, spraying us all with every parachute pop.

Julia and Alexis under the parachute

Guests departed with their very own Mr. Erik demo CD, a hand-crafted, AWU rainbow ribbon wand, and candy from the penny candy machine.

Rainbow Candy Machine


As favorite colors go, we think rainbow beats all. All-embracing (no color left behind!) and memorable, this was a day to celebrate Sweet Caroline and all that she means to those that love her. And like a rainbow, Caroline shined.

Caroline's Joy

Photos in this post were taken by photographer, friend and party guest, Karl Ulrich.

One thought on “Good Times Never Seemed So Good

  1. Such a cute, memorable party for a sweet child! All of the hands-on activities engaged the children’s imaginations and allowed them to explore and interact in their own way. SUPER FUN on an otherwise rainy afternoon!
    Congrats to the ALL WRAPPED UP TEAM!
    AAH of Cary

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