This is Us—On A Sweet Note

We love Cary and its surrounding communities. We live here. Our children ride bikes on these roads and play in these parks. They are experiencing their one and only childhood right here in the Triangle. For our children and yours, All Wrapped Up is invested in seeing this community thrive. Supporting other local businesses is one way we feel we can give back, and we are just giddy that our first discount allows you to do the same—twice.

A few weeks ago Laura Forrest, owner of Sugar Buzz and one of our mentors, approached us with a joint promo idea: Book a “There for You” or custom party with All Wrapped Up and receive 20% off a custom cake from Sugar Buzz. Wow! I mean, what more could we ask for?

Well, indeed there is more! YOU GET MORE when we work together. It’s a Super-Sized situation: All Wrapped Up parties are sweeter paired with an outstanding Sugar Buzz Cake. On the flip side, the wow factor of a Sugar Buzz cake is multiplied by the fun and design of an All Wrapped Up party. So you see, the value of each service increases when paired—and you, our clients, benefit most. Winning.

Another way All Wrapped Up and Sugar Buzz are partnering is through our Cupcake Party Theme. We provide one-of-a-kind invites, party decor, quality favors and activity planning which includes decorating Sugar Buzz cupcakes. What’s more, your child can have his or her party where all the confectionary magic happens—at the bakery!

It’s wonderful to feel supported by another local business owner. And it’s extra wonderful when this support results in so many amazing opportunities for our clients.

20% OFF Custom Cake

Want a slice of this cake? Book your party (for any date) before September 1st!

Contact Julia:  or call 919.602.8269



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