“Woooo Wooooooo!”

Keepsake Paper Bunting

There are some children that seriously tug at your heart strings. These children leave you overcome with the best of your emotions. Jake is one of these children, and after his train party, our strings nearly snapped. Pullen Park is a charming party venue. As we finished set-up of the rented shelter, Jake and his […]

This is Us—Unique

blue ballon in sky

Your child’s next birthday is approaching. How will you celebrate? As you mull it over, consider this question: What is the difference between hiring a party planner over a party factory (bounce house, indoor play/game space, etc.)? We see it simply. Every child is on a pathway of discovery toward the person they will become. […]

Good Times Never Seemed So Good

Bubbles Among Guests

“What’s your favorite color, Caroline?” “RAINBOW!!!” It isn’t every day a child’s favorite color is “rainbow.” Caroline just turned three, and our Rainbow Bubble theme was the perfect way to nurture and celebrate her originality among family and friends. Guests arrived under umbrellas but quickly understood there was no use for them—they decorated the yard […]

This is Us—On A Sweet Note

Bike Fairy

We love Cary and its surrounding communities. We live here. Our children ride bikes on these roads and play in these parks. They are experiencing their one and only childhood right here in the Triangle. For our children and yours, All Wrapped Up is invested in seeing this community thrive. Supporting other local businesses is […]

Princesses, Creativity and Childhood

Princess in Thought

The May issue of Carolina Parent addressed  “The Princess Party Debate” and whether these parties (and princess play) are at odds with the independent and creative values today’s mothers are teaching their children. An edited version of our response was published this month in their feedback section (page 9). Here is the unedited version: Dear […]