All Wrapped Up Party Consult

For many parents, those first steps of party planning are agony. The research and generation of ideas takes time and attention. The careful consideration of age-appropriate, fun activities can be stressful. It’s true. The tedious work involved in planning a party is enough to drive a quite reasonable person absolutely BONKERS!

All Wrapped Up Parties takes the stress out of party planning, helping you to focus on what really matters: ENJOYING those precious moments leading up to, during and after your child’s birthday. Our packages offer parents freedom & peace of mind in three tiers of assistance:

1. Party Consult   2. Party Box (AWUP themes only)  3. Custom Party Box (themes not on the AWUP list)

We know that diligent, upfront planning makes for an unforgettably successful celebration. This precisely is what you receive in our Party Consult.

Here’s the step-by-step process:

Step 1:

Whose Birthday is it? Whether it be your child, your friend, partner or pet, we’re eager to get this party started! We specialize in classically fun children’s parties.

Step 2:

What’s your theme? Don’t fret over the party details, just give thought to a central idea that will pull all elements of your celebration together. Don’t have a theme? That’s ok too! We’ve got you covered.

Step 3:

Dial up Julia, your party coordinator (919.602.8269), for your initial phone call. We’ll briefly discuss your child, his or her interests, and any ideas for the party you or your child may have. We’ll also set up a day, time and location for your consultation.

Step 4:

Alexis and Julia get to work, attentively researching inspired activity and décor ideas for your party.

Step 5:

Consult Day — let’s talk party! Alexis and Julia come prepared with all their activity and décor ideas for your celebration. With great attention to your child’s interests and your feedback, and we spend one hour (usually over coffee) discussing ways to make your child’s birthday party special.

Step 6:

After your consult, Alexis and Julia meticulously compile ALL ideas and details of our discussion into your very own All Wrapped Up Party Plan. We even include a shopping list and links for where to purchase your supplies! Now you’re off and running, prepared to put your party into action.

Reward yourself with MORE time and energy and LESS crazy; contact us today!

For more information about our services, visit our website ( or email Alexis and Julia at!

All Wrapped Up Parties, LLC is a locally mom-owned and operated small business in Cary, NC.

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